Morning Meditation

A kapcsolódás jegyében együtt hangolódás az adott napra röviden.

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From Wednesday, 31st March 2021 on, starting at 5:30 a.m., I invite everyone who is ready to connect through a download-filled, top-up meditation in zoom space.
The morning routine can be decisive in how our day starts.
Waking up from our night is a miracle in itself, as many leave for the “eternal hunting grounds” at night.
When our loved ones wake up, the second miracle is taking place that we can express gratitude for in the morning.
If we have a place to live, we have something to eat, we have drinking water, electricity, gas, heating, all these great gifts, we can thank them for the universe, as many in the world do not have these basic living conditions that many of us take as granted.
Expressing gratitude reinforces what we are grateful for, reinforces respect and humility for all that we have been blessed with.
Morning meditation, a short gymnastics exercise, visualization of what we are planning to achieve that day, and thanksgiving are great tools to uplift our mood and recharge our spiritual batteries.
Wednesdays’ 5:30 am Morning Meditations (Berlin time) aim to provide support in having a morning routine that includes spiritual connection.
Feel free to join in this quick, 15-minute meditation on Wednesdays via the bellow zoom link if you feel called to.

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